Dirty Fly


Dirty Fly is a Levantine Rock band – A colorful musical circus that combines rock and soul with beats and melodies from the Levant.
Dirty Fly is a full-fledged band. Each one of its members is a prominent artist in a different genre – Hip Hop, Rock, World Music, Avant-garde and Spoken Word – giving the band its unique musical style. With bursting vocals and powerful beats, Dirty Fly takes you on a journey between dark disturbing romance, wrathful prophecies and an endless search for home.


Dirty Fly has been playing in venues and festivals across Israel such as Yearot Menashe Festival and Indie-City Festival and has collaborated with leading artists such as Shaanan Streett, Geva Alon, Alma Zohar and Liron Amram.
The band’s Debut E.P will be released in June 2018.

A segment from Yossi Harsonsky’s review of the band’s debut single:

“The astounding music with Yonatan Blumenfeld’s deep voice (reminded me of Tom Jones’ low vibrations) flows marvelously thanks to the dynamic production, the surprising melodies and the mediterranean beats & elements that glorify the message.
I would love to hear a few more of their songs before this band takes off on us”.




Dirty Fly


Uriah Witztum - lead guitar & vocals
Roy Doron - bass & vocals
Amit Fishbein - synths, tambourine & vocals
Itay Ella - drums
Yonatan Blumenfeld - lead vocals & cigar box guitar




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